Monday, November 28, 2005

Kalli's follow-up appointment

Today Kalli had her follow-up appointment with Dr. Aston. They re-xrayed her arm {with the cast on - Thank Goodness!} and then removed the split cast. Dr. Aston said her x-ray looked great & that it was already looking like it was moving into the right position. I was prepared to see her wound but ended up getting light-headed & not being able to watch. The doctor said he had tried to get her arm back together as a plastic surgeon would do to try to avoid an ugly scar. They had used disolving stitches and then sealed in up with Dermabound {the same stuff that was used to glue Dylan's eye together}. Jerry said the wound was super thin & hardly recognizable (although it is still the whole length of her arm). The doctor recasted her in a green cast - just as she wanted. He had us schedule for a 3 week check up where he's hoping that it'll be doing so well healing that they'll remove the cast & she can get to moving it. He did say there was a slight chance she may need physical therapy but that he thought she'd do just fine. Jerry asked about if she'd need it removed & he said only if it causes her problems (itching, irritation, etc.) so we're hoping that doesn't happen. If it stays like it is - the bone will just grow up around it {which still sounds kinda gross}.

I've never seen a kid so popular. Kalli was ready to go back to school as soon as we left the appointment. I brought her down to her class to have all her classmates cheering that she was back. She's got a plan to get tons of signatures on her cast tomorrow so I'm wondering if we'll even be able to tell it was green.

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