Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jolly Mill

Okay so I had this great idea. Why not get the kids & head to Jolly Mill for some new photos. For many reasons this did not go as well as I had planned. For instance:

1. There was a wedding going on- definitely not a good sign to bring our wild children down there.
2. All that water & stuff to do & we expected them to smile, hold still, & wait for our perfect picture - numerous times.
3. I had to pull the car over before we even got there to get on to Dylan.
And that was just a few.

We did get some pictures though & out of the 100+ that I took, here were a few of my very favorites. What's funny is as cute as Kalli is, she kept reminding me of "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou". Ha! And Dylan, crazy kid it was 80 degrees out & he still put on his stud coat because he wanted to make sure that mom got a picture of him in it.

Aren't they cute? :)

And just because I can't get enough. I bribed the kids with the park for some pics today.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We've got a baller....

Kalli had her first basketball game Friday night and it was INTENSE. I think I was more stressed watching her than I was worrying about their score. She stayed on her feet though so that was good. She is just amazing to watch. She is so focused on basketball. She knows her position, knows where to go, & keeps her head focused on the game the entire time. She even made a great shot from a ways back! They ended the game 20 to 4! Go Lady Houns!! But most of all - Go Kalli! And after our all day garage saling yesterday & then all morning cleaning for me, I finally made time to do some scrapping. Here's my latest layout for the All About Eve challenge! I really love how it turned out - probably has something to do with me LOVING that picture of Dylan. He's such a handsome kid. :)

And here's my layout for the Mojo Holder challenge. I don't really like the way the stamping turned out but it was fun to use the Scenic Route tree paper.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

So between her spiking fever...

We had to do a little beautification to make Kalli feel better. :) And here's hoping that tomorrow is a no fever day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I can NOT believe this....

Well today I wake up to Kalli Brooke climbing in bed with me BURNING HOT! She felt miserable & was clearly running a high high temp - so I stayed home with her. She ran her fever off and on all day & then I started stressing. Jerry mentioned the tick she had found on herself on Sunday. We had gotten it off but just the coincedence of having a tick & then now this fever, it really got me scared. I called the doctor's office and they wanted to see her.

They check her out and see that her tonsils are swollen. Then she gets the strep swab. Ewww! Hate those. Comes back - no strep but they are sending out the culture just to be sure.

Our suspicion was right - the dang tick. She has tick fever, otherwise known as Ehrlichiosis, which, as we were told - is pretty common. Still worries me though because it can enlarge your liver and cause other problems if the antiobiotic doesn't get rid of it quick. Hopefully it clears her up quick because I hate seeing her this miserable.

Poor girl. I really wish she'd quit having crud happen to her. :(

This morning while she was napping, I did a layout for the All About Eve Challenge this week. Not real happy but I'm happy to get something done. :)

Monday, September 10, 2007


Man, I haven't blogged in awhile. Not sure what to blog about but here it goes. :)

We have moved to the apartments over in Marionville. Not real thrilled being in an apartment for another year but WAY better place than where we were before. Plus it's been really nice that me & the kids can actually go out & walk at night.

Kalli's been released to normal activities - whatever that is for this girl - and she's already playing on a basketball team again. Heck, even the day we got home from her doctor's appointment, she was in the door already strapping on her roller blades. I am a nervous wreck but she is loving every minute of it.

Dylan is - well Dylan is Dylan. :) He's my overreacting, hyperactive child that I can barely get to sit down long enough to finish his homework. Luckily though, he seems to really know his stuff when it comes to doing his work. It's just getting him to take the time to do it.

Work - yeah work is just about to drive me nuts. We've got this new online version of our student information database & I'm the go to person for anyone with questions. Bad thing is - I've not had hardly any training whatsoever. So, my day usually consists of me getting several calls, me having to tell them I'll figure it out & call them back, then call them back & walk them through it. The worst part about the whole program is that the support SUCKS! I've waited over a week before to have an email answered & that is really irritating. I just hope that we start getting the help we need quicker now (since I'm having to go through the help email rather than the support person who doesn't get back with me).

Not much else going on. I was able to scrap a few layouts while we were internet/cable-less over the weekend of the move so that was nice. Sometimes I just canNOT get a creative thought in my head but at least it worked for me that weekend.

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