Tuesday, June 27, 2006


What's this?

I am like the worst blogger ever...

I seriously forget this thing is here. I had every intention to use it frequently just to have events jotted down with dates but it just doesn't happen.

Anywho, I guess I can write about my upcoming trip. Me & Tiffany have booked our vacation for Cancun, Mexico for July 26-31, 2006. We are both so friggin' excited we can hardly contain ourselves. After much worrying & fretting, we are now booked in the Riu Caribe Hotel there. From all the pics, it looks really nice so we're hoping it is as nice as it seems. The trip is all inclusive so we're super excited about all the food we can eat - nice huh? we go on vacation & get all excited about chowing down. Oh well! It'll be fun. I just hope we can do a lot & get a lot of great pictures. Woo hoo! I can't wait. 28 days left!

Kalli & Dylan are in their last week of summer school. They are excited. I'm excited just not that they are going to be in 2nd and 1st grade. My babies are getting big. :( They've both found out their teachers for next year. Kalli has Mrs. Hoesch (formerly Sapienza) who was her summer school teacher KG year - which she loved & Dylan has Mr. Brown who both kids love.

What else? What else? Well there's not been anymore accidents. No broken bones, split open eyes, etc. and we haven't really been to the doctor's for anything really major (THANK GOD). We just hope it stays this way!
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