Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This must be my bad news bulletin board...

I just realized tonight that I haven't posted in a while & that I had a few things I could write about but when I got to thinking about what to post, I realized it's all not so fun things. :-(

First was our encounter with Kalli & her hospital visit for her stomach pain. I had put her off for 2 days thinking it was just the stomach bug. Finally though when her pain became so unbearable, I loaded her up to go to the Monett Urgent Care. We were finally seen & from the position of her pain, we were told to immediately go to the ER (in Aurora). Her pain was located where her appendix is located & therefore they were worried she was having problems with it. Well about 3 hours later, we find out she doesn't have appendicites but that she had a cyst on her ovary. Yeah - that's real odd for a 7 yr old. I called her regular doctor the next day. He had reviewed her charts & although he did see the cyst, he felt she probably did have a stomach bug along with her cyst causing the pain. :-( She was feeling fine and back to normal 2 days after the ER visit and hasn't complained since. :-)

Hmm, let's see what's next? Oh yeah - our remodeling. Yeah it sucks. Not that we will have our bathroom & laundry area remodeled but that we are even having to do it. Turns out our crappy washer ruined our laundry floor - gross black mold on the sub floor AND it turns out that our crappy cracked tub has ruined our bathroom floor - once again - BLACK MOLD :-(. Odd thing about that is the cracked end of the tub wasn't the end that was nasty, it was the opposite end. I do think it's good that we'll get to get it all fixed but I really am not looking forward to it especially if Jerry thinks he'll be Mr. Fix It. We'll probably end up putting the ceramic tile in the bathrooms and doing wood laminate flooring through the laundry, dining, kitchen, living area, and hallway & then eventually into the rooms too. Good deal of that will be NO CARPET to stain.

Next thing is I've got pink eye - once again in my left eye. I went to the doctor yesterday & got some drops that really seem to be clearing it up BUT he recommended 6 days of clear eyes before using contacts again. Now this IS NOT A PRETTY SIGHT! I hate my glasses & not to mention I can't hardly see in them. The prescription is old & no where near as defined as my contacts are. PLUS I look like I'm peeking out of pop bottles - SERIOUSLY! Oh yeah, & I get told the other day - "You look smarter with glasses." Okay thanks - now does that make me dumb looking without them?? Everybody says I look good in them but they are all LYING. I look like crap & I know it. I think as soon as my new contacts come in, I'm switching so I don't have to wear these dang glasses anymore. {Maybe I should put a rush on the order}

Not a lot happening with Dylan - surprisingly enough although tonight he tried to kill himself. We've always had a problem with him trying to open the car doors as soon as we barely get the car stopped but tonight he goes so far as falling out (landed on his feet thank God!) as I'm pulling in our driveway. What astonishes me is that it takes this same child 45 minutes to get in the vehicle but he's out of it in 2.0 seconds. What's up with that??

Mother is having her cataract surgery Thursday so I just hope & pray that helps her with her vision. I know the feeling of almost being blind & I would never wish that on anyone. I just hope she heals quick & can see better once it's all over.

Good news - which I haven't even gotten full definite time yet - is that Jim (my brother) is coming back from Iraq either end of this month or next. He'll go straight to California when he gets back but he'll get leave time to come home. The kids are really looking forward to that. They love their dorky Uncle Jimmy.

Oh yeah, & little brother, Thomas, is coming home this weekend. He's been away at college for a full 2 months & finally gets some time off for his spring break. Kalli & Dylan are ready to see him too.

That in a nutshell has been my life lately. Kinda crazy, kinda chaotic, but then that's NORMAL I guess for me. I just hope we can make it through this month without any major problems. :)
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