Sunday, November 09, 2008

Picture HEAVY post....

Since I'm just now getting around to posting my pictures from the cruise, I'm doing a bit of touching the high points of the trip.

1) The ship was huge. Seriously we were on there 7 days & know that we did not see everything on the ship.
2) The entertainment was good. Loved the goofy cruise director & his assistant.
3) The food was a bit odd at times but I'll have to say that I've tried more in that 7 days than I usually do. Some good, some not so good.
4) I was shocked by the work atmosphere on the boat. Seriously those people work their tail end off & hardly get a break. Maybe some of these lazy youwhos around here should be put on a ship & taught how to wait on people!
5) Bahamas was beautiful. It was so cool that rather than pulling the big ship up to the island, they put us in smaller boats & drove us over. Very cool. This was where we got to eat the BBQ right on the island, shop at some vendor shops & then swim. During the swim we came across some friendly fish. :) It was so cool to be in water over waist high but see all the way through the water....just a little freaky when those Nemo looking fish started following us. I dread that I didn't have a water camera then to get pictures of them. There was a ton of them!

6) "At sea" days were okay but by time we hit shore, we were ready to get out & explore. We had a wonderful formal night on one of the at sea days. Really not my favorite thing but it gave us something to do. We also had a casino on board so we went there a few times but didn't win anything.
7) St. Maarten was the stop we had set up our shore excursion. From experience we know it's better to just arrange island travel there rather than those excursions. We got to hit a few shopping spots, see both the French & Dutch sides of the islands, and then make our last stop at Orient Beach. So very pretty! Still I was amazed at how beautiful the water was.
Photobucket Photobucket
8) St. Thomas was seriously a WORK OUT! I don't think I've ever walked so much in my entire life. We walked & shopped & walked some more. Very cool place especially since we got to use our cells & call home.
9) Grand Turk was by far my favorite stop. Not a whole lot of shops & their items were priced & not argued. Plus there was a beautiful pool in which I spent a couple hours relaxing by. I only wish that I had explored a little more before time to board the ship. We came across a less traveled area along the edge of the island & got to watch the waves crashing into the rocks which was absolutely AMAZING!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
10) Coming home we had a horrible time. We got off the boat around 8 am to be at the airport for our 11:10 flight. That flight ended up being delayed until 1:45 therefore causing us to miss our 3:00 connection in Atlanta. Our final flight home from Atlanta didn't leave until 8:40. And come to find out - my luggage was damaged. Thankfully though after hours in the airports, we were home & so happy to see our families!

Halloween snuck right up on me when I got home & we found ourselves scrambling to get the kids costumes. Kalli decided on a spider witch & Dylan was set on his bloody Scream face.
And I have to admit, they were pretty cute! :)

I don't think I've quite caught up on everything but did pick up a new love - the Twilight series books. I had the first book down in 3 days and am just waiting to borrow the 2nd to read. I'm usually not a big reader but this one pulled me in. And in finding this, I think I've found the perfect gift for my sister!
twilight Pictures, Images and Photos
And I can't wait until it hits the theatre!

Sunday, October 05, 2008


So much I'd love to get my hands on & do...seems like no time to do it...the weekend flies by...the week goes so slow...and my vacation is a near 2 weeks away. And I've not even planned out my packing. I did, however, make some fun purchases today for my trip. I've been wanting to get a big purse so that I can pack as much possible in it for the plane ride.

And I got away with two! Aren't they pretty? And the best part is they were 50% off!

This weekend was a bit chaotic (or pyscho-otic as Dylan would say). Friday I did some running around for work & delivered 48 pizzas. Thankfully the pizza smell has finally gotten out of my car. Then Friday evening we went & picked up Chris. Saturday Tiffany called & wanted to see if I'd keep Lexi & Riley. So rather than try to entertain 5 kids in our cramped up apartment, we loaded up, tried to garage sale, & then went to Pumpkin Daze. And dumbo me ran off without my camera. We did, however, get some good firefighter pictures of Chris & Dylan with our cell phones, so once he emails them, I'll have to post them. The kids jumped in the moon bounce, painted mini pumpkins, got their faces painted & we even did the whole McDonald's play place thing. Then came home & went to the park 2 times. Needless to say we were exhausted.

And just because this is about the most creative thing I've done all weekend, here's my table arrangement. It needs something but I'm not quite sure what yet. I've turned into a blog hopper on all these home decor blogs and cannot get enough of all these ideas everyone is coming up with (if I could only get my stuff to look as good as their's!). And here's the site where I got the idea from: Joys of Home (which has to be the best home decor/creative blog I've found!).

Oh & here's my garage sale find from a couple weeks ago. I know most will think I am nuts but this is stuff I love to Jerry says "more junk for the house".

And now it's 11:00 on Sunday & I so need to get to bed but am really liking this quiet time (except for that freaky noise the refrigerator is making right now). Guess I'll call it a night though.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My last sneek peak....

for Clear Dollar Stamps. It's been a fun few months being a part of their team & playing along with their stamps. A huge thank you to Lori & Laurie for giving me that opportunity!

So here's what's in store for October:

Tag Frames stamp set

What a Hoot stamp set

Tag Frames stamp set

What a Hoot stamp set

Tooth Fairy Tag stamp

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sneak Peek Time!!!

For the new stamps over at Clear Dollar Stamps!

"Jim" using the new Log It Stamp & Pinstripes & Pretties Stamp

"Little Girls" using Ribbons & Borders Stamps

"The Girl Who Stole My Heart" using Pinstripes and Pretties Stamps

"This is Me @ 27" using Pinstripes and Pretties Stamps

"Zoo Day" using Log It Stamp & Ribbons & Borders Stamps

These are awesome stamps! Go check them out!! Available September 1st!

Monday, August 18, 2008


2 posts in 2 days! That's a record for me!

Today was the first day of school for Kalli & Dylan. They both seemed to have a really good 1/2 of a day. Here they are all decked out in their school gear. :)

We got a call that the dentist could work Jerry & both kids in so they jumped on it. $650 later they were all clean & had a plan for their teeth. Thank goodness all that was insurance paid! The only one left is Jerry to find out the plan for his teeth & they've made him a special appt. tomorrow to discuss his. I keep telling him - you know that can't be good!

And I forgot to mention yesterday - Jerry's dad shattered a couple bones in his leg. I guess it's pretty bad because the surgeon made comments about "piecing it back together" and using titanium rods. Doesn't sound comfortable to say the least. Then tonight we had more of a scare when one nurse told Linda the wrong information and had us all thinking that Jim had a blood clot in his lung. Since then 2 others have said he was tested for them but that he *didn't* have any. Which is a big relief!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

He's in his cast

We were able to get Dylan in to see Dr. Hicks on Friday. It's really a sad thing though when an orthopedic doctor can come into the room & say "Brother now? What are you trying to keep up with sister?" and remember us from Kalli's last broken arm.

After examing his x-rays the doctor concluded that it was a greenstick fracture rather than the buckle break that we were told at Urgent Care. Either way it's still a break and it's still going to take a while to heal. Dylan will be in a cast for at least 4 weeks and then may go into the removable splint for a while. Funny thing is it doesn't seem to affect Dylan too much at all - now me? I am going to be a basket case before it's all healed. Just tonight he couldn't understand why I was telling him he couldn't run outside....because he wasn't, he was just "jogging".

Now tomorrow they start school (more stress there) and my babies are both in the Elementary school longer are they Early Childhood. Really amazes me how the time flies. And the mommy in me just wishes there was some way to slow it down because the more I think about it, the more I know they'll be grown before long. Dylan may vow to live with his mommy forever (and that sounds just fine to his mom now)but I'm already seeing how he's trying not to be a mommy's boy. :( He will not go in public (Walmart, school) - anywhere he'll be seen - holding my hand...and that makes me sad. Oh and then today when I was signing his cast, he was upset that I signed it mommy instead of just mom. Now I know that's not a big difference but it just reinforces how big they are getting....too big for I'm just mom.

So we'll see how tomorrow goes. I'm sure they'll have a great time, it'll just be the waking up process that will be tough.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


we thought the loose tooth was a big deal......look what happened today.....

Dylan broke his wrist. What they say is a buckle break. Was really hoping Dylan would shy away from the whole broken limb thing after all the trouble we've had with Kalli. Not even 3 years & this is now our 3rd break (1st for Dylan).

Jerry had the kids at the new playground park today & Dylan was playing on the glide bars (about 5 ft in the air & they hold on & they glide along the top bars holding those) & falls off & lands on his arm. They all came to show me at work & really I had my doubts about it.

We ended up driving to the ER about an hr away, seen that would have been an all night event, & went to the Pediatric Urgent Care just down the road (after I found out they had x-ray equipment). We get in there & the same kid that was crying all the way there was moving his wrist & pushing himself onto the table. I was a mean mom & really thought it was an act. Turns out we were wrong.

Good thing is we're established we a good orthopedic doctor (from all Kalli's breaks) & he is going to see Dylan tomorow to put a cast on him. Believe me, I thought it was bad having to deal with a cast with Kalli - Dylan will be a whole 'nother story! Dread, dread, dread baths, etc.

So that was my big long post and our super long day. So besides us getting to school shop tomorrow, we get to go get a cool blue cast. Oh & school starts Monday & that was his right hand - the one he writes with.

Friday, August 01, 2008


Clear Dollar Stamps!

I loved that little bird in the Kitty Toys stamp set that I had to use him over & over again!

Also, I seem to have found a new obsession....font characters. And boy does scrapNfonts have a huge variety! Now just to narrow my cart down to what I actually want!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's time for.....

some Clear Dollar Stamps sneak peeks! These will be available August 1!

"Kitty Love" made with the Kitty Toys stamp set

"Game Boy" made with the Timeless labels stamp set

"Pure Delight" made with the Leaf Impressions stamp set

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why do vacations seem so short??

Man I am really depressed that I have to go to work tomorrow. It's been nice having the last 5 days off.

Here's a little breakdown of these last 5 days:

-Picked up Jerry's car & it was only a $250 fix. Whooo hooo!
-Home phone hook-up & our own fax
-My yearly doctor visit. Wow. Yeah so exciting there too.
-Fender bender at the outlet mall & totally NOT my fault!
-Celebration City fun

-Republic Aquatic Center

-Scrapbooking with new Clear Dollar Stamps (but can't post those just yet!)
-Mt. Vernon pool
-Zip dry....and no, I don't like the smell!
-Bind-it-all and happy mail
-Roaring River
-More heat & sweat
-Slippin' water slide

-Fun challenges at Scraplove's Summer of Scraplovin'
-Pet Vet test with Dylan
-College Road Trip movie
-Laundry & dishes. Blah!
-Dylan's new bike
-Tan lines & white butt comparisons (the kids of course!)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Come Join Us!

For the 2nd Annual “Summer of Scraplovin” challenge at ScrapLove!

Beginning July 13th, participants will compete in 6 weekly challenges for a chance to win great prizes and a chance at a one-month guest Design Team Lovely spot at Winners will be chosen and will be announced on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008. For more information or to sign up, Go HERE!

Monday, June 30, 2008


I've got a few things I'm excited for this week:

1) I didn't win the grand prize, but I did get First Place in the Gauntlet contest over at Whoo hoo! I'm just in total shock that I actually got that - really there was SERIOUS talent in that contest! Here's the final week layout that I did for the contest.

2) This week is a short week! I'm working Monday through Thursday. Then next week is even a shorter week since I'm taking off Monday & Tuesday.

3) We had a great time at the Mt. Vernon fireworks show on Friday. I loved this picture the most! It's Kalli's friend, Lexi, & Kalli all laying there watching the fireworks. :)

4) I totally scored yesterday at JCPenney. We'd just been discussing having to go school shopping for the kids next month & low & behold - JCPenney has an awesome sale in the girls section! Tons of clothes marked down to $2.97 each. Needless to say...Kalli made out like a bandit. I just wish I would have found some things for Dylan too.

4) The Springfield Cardinals won last night!!! Whoooo baby! Was really not thinking anything was going to happen since we went all the way to the bottom of the 10th with no scores & then finally got a run in!

5) And last but certainly not least.....DYLAN ACTUALLY CLEANED HIS ROOM! Can you believe it? I seriously can't. That boy would live in a landfill and not even care. Every day is really a struggle with him to pick up even one thing & here tonight he cleans it. And the worst part - it's too late and he's in bed or I'd go get some proof! :)

And now, since I'm all out of hoorahs, I'm heading to bed!
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