Monday, June 30, 2008


I've got a few things I'm excited for this week:

1) I didn't win the grand prize, but I did get First Place in the Gauntlet contest over at Whoo hoo! I'm just in total shock that I actually got that - really there was SERIOUS talent in that contest! Here's the final week layout that I did for the contest.

2) This week is a short week! I'm working Monday through Thursday. Then next week is even a shorter week since I'm taking off Monday & Tuesday.

3) We had a great time at the Mt. Vernon fireworks show on Friday. I loved this picture the most! It's Kalli's friend, Lexi, & Kalli all laying there watching the fireworks. :)

4) I totally scored yesterday at JCPenney. We'd just been discussing having to go school shopping for the kids next month & low & behold - JCPenney has an awesome sale in the girls section! Tons of clothes marked down to $2.97 each. Needless to say...Kalli made out like a bandit. I just wish I would have found some things for Dylan too.

4) The Springfield Cardinals won last night!!! Whoooo baby! Was really not thinking anything was going to happen since we went all the way to the bottom of the 10th with no scores & then finally got a run in!

5) And last but certainly not least.....DYLAN ACTUALLY CLEANED HIS ROOM! Can you believe it? I seriously can't. That boy would live in a landfill and not even care. Every day is really a struggle with him to pick up even one thing & here tonight he cleans it. And the worst part - it's too late and he's in bed or I'd go get some proof! :)

And now, since I'm all out of hoorahs, I'm heading to bed!


Michele said...

Wow, Kate! You totally deserve that win. you are the awesomest scrapbooker ever! You've got serious talent. That's cool about your JCP score and Dylan's room being clean. When you said you watched fireworks in Mt Vernon I thought you were visiting WA state. We have a Mt. Vernon too. I was bummed when i realized you were still your normal far, far away. :)

Erin Bigler said...

LOVE this lo, Kate! And exactly HOW did you get your son to clean?! This is such an issue in our house with both my kids...STILL (my daughter's 13 and son 12) :(

Laurie Wilson said...

Great deals on clothes! How wonderful that you won! I love the pictures you take!

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