Sunday, March 18, 2007

Did a little scrapping this weekend....

And here's what I accomplished:

Not much else happening this week. It was really nice having a 3-day weekend but makes it even harder to go back tomorrow. :( Maybe the day will go by quickly.

I got my hair colored last week (and then touched up on Saturday). It's definitely different and more funky than I've done before but I think I like it. Here's what it looks like:

The kids also had their baseball/softball try-outs on Saturday & we stood outside in the COLD for an hour and a half! They both did good though but were amazed at how fast the pitching machine pitched. It'll be fun though to see them learn how to hit off that!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fun week ahead....

Today there's not much on the agenda but cleaning and maybe some scrapping & sleeping in my new bed!!! It's not that big of a deal but it is so so nice to have a dresser again. We just need to put the mirror on the dresser and it'll all be together. My next mission will be to find some new bedding for it, since what I have now looks terrible on my new bed. :) Anyways, here it is:

We also got the kids new mattresses & they loved them! I've never seen kids so excited for new mattresses but I don't blame them - the ones they had were pretty hard. Needless to say they both slept really well last night!

Tomorrow is just a lazy TV night - American Idol, House, SVU (if I remember) - but then Wednesday after work I'm getting my hair done. I'm loving the different streaks & love the way this looks:

I just hope mine turns out looking that cute!

Oh & just so I don't forget - I WON, I WON, I WON!!! I ACTUALLY WON! Dad kept the kids Saturday night so me and Jerry went out for a while & ended up in Miami, OK at Buffalo Run. I played on a machine for a while & wasn't doing so good so I decided to move to another machine - a Wheel of Fortune $1 slot machine. Total max bet was $3 so I put $100 in & crossed my fingers hoping that I would win. I had already planned to quit after about $30 if I hadn't hit very much but I kept hitting. It was amazing. I'd go a few spins & then I'd get a SPIN button (which spun the big wheel thing on top). First free spin I won $200 & FREAKED out! Then I hit it like 3 more times before I hit the big one. The $1000 big one! I ended up cashing out of that machine with $1800. I hit on a few other machines & lost on a few other but I still came home with a good stash of money.

Can't think of much else. This week at work is going to be a pain because I need to check in all the MAP materials. Definitely not a fun thing to do. Oh well at least I have Friday off (March break) so I can keep looking forward to that!
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