Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm such a slacker!

I have totally been slacking on my blogging. I guess I just haven't had anything really exciting to write about. And - sometimes that is a good thing!

I'm scoping out the weather tonight because tomorrow we're supposed to be getting 5-10 inches of snow. YUCK!


I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that if it does come, we don't lose power! Definitely not my ideal weather but I think I'm convinced to try making snow ice cream with the kids. Amy was talking about it today & how she could not believe I'd never had it. I guess we'll take a try at this if we get any snow. It can't be all bad.

And here's a few things I've created here lately. Nothing too impressive but I have been using up some scraps!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Between my stupid computer & the retards at Geek Squad, I am just about to throw this computer AWAY!

I did though, amidst all my computer hatred, decide to go get an external hard drive for our computer. And got an awesome deal on it! Now at least I feel a little better about the computer crashing knowing that all my pictures are saved. That is definitely a huge relief!

Anyways, I was finally in the mood to get on blogger & update and here goes the computer acting like a turd again. So, needless to say this post won't have any cute Christmas photos, no cute photos from Kalli's b-day, no photos at all. And that ticks me off. :(

Despite my grumpy attitude right now (which happens to be a compilation of this cruddy computer, my hatred toward the worthless Geek Squad, & this yucky head cold), we really did have a great Christmas. Kalli was more than happy to get her own cell phone. Yes, I know she's only 9 years old but believe me - she is on limited phone time. It just makes her feel awesome to say "I have my own phone". I don't think anything else topped that present for her. Dylan's thrill was with his Lego airport. He seriously had that 650+ piece set put together in a matter of an hour. They also got the Wii this year from Grandpee & Marsha & boy do they love that! Which I must admit Jerry and I are getting quite a kick out of it too! Definitely the coolest video game system ever. Christmas at mother's was fun too. I got lots of cute red stuff for my kitchen which was cool since I never seem to find red stuff. Lots of goodies, lots of family time, and a little bit of a break.

The day before Kalli's b-day her bball team was in a tournament & actually won first place. YEAH! She's getting her trophy tonight so if I ever can get the computer to work, I'll have to post pics of her with it. Last Sunday, her birthday, we went skating. Lots of fun but very, very exhausting.

And then we had nasty weather on Monday - like freaky tornado weather. Yes, very odd for January. We spent most of that evening hunkered down at my work in the basement just because I don't think these apartments are all too safe. Luckily for us, nothing was damaged real close to us (like what usually happens when we have tornados). Monett got hit & Republic got hit so it pretty much hit, picked up over us, & then came back down on Republic. I think I've even heard there were like 6 total tornados on Monday night/Tuesday morning. We were just very lucky not to have any hit us.

And that's a small update (sadly with no pictures) of what's been happening in my world. And hopefully sooner than later, I'll be back with lots & lots of pictures.
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