Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm such a slacker!

I have totally been slacking on my blogging. I guess I just haven't had anything really exciting to write about. And - sometimes that is a good thing!

I'm scoping out the weather tonight because tomorrow we're supposed to be getting 5-10 inches of snow. YUCK!


I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that if it does come, we don't lose power! Definitely not my ideal weather but I think I'm convinced to try making snow ice cream with the kids. Amy was talking about it today & how she could not believe I'd never had it. I guess we'll take a try at this if we get any snow. It can't be all bad.

And here's a few things I've created here lately. Nothing too impressive but I have been using up some scraps!


Melanie said...

5-10 inches?!?!? UGH!! I'm ready to be done with the snow.

Just checking on you. :)

Conibaer said...

Love all your LOs!
And if you don´t want your snow: send it here! I still haven´t seen any snow this winter!

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