Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let's recap this weekend...

(as I'm totally copying Em's technique of highlighting the weekend):

Friday 5.23.08
*Dead snake in the house - THANK YOU Tigger!
*Late for work & school
*Last day of school
*Digital cable - OH YEAH BABY!
*8GB high speed internet (we're movin' up!)
*Grey's Anatomy
*Evan Almighty - Love Steve Carell
*One of my new favorite scrapbookers

Saturday 5.24.08
*Scrapping (nothing real impressive)
*Homemade sub sandwiches - these are SO much better than Subway's
*Mission Impossible 3
*2 hr nap!! (see one post up)
*OT work
*Dirty Dancing
*Message in a Bottle - and it still makes me cry!
*Neighbor kids moving - Kalli & Dylan sad :(
*Cheap pizza from Walmart
*Dirty kids
*Jerry wishing I was more organized
*Me wishing we had more room
*Garden Salsa Sunchips
*This chica...just look at this amazing scrappy display

Sunday 5.25.08
*Walk in the a.m.
*Indy Car race
*Work stuff
*Taco Salad
*Nascar race....ughh - so getting tired of this.
*Round 4 @ The Gauntlet
*Sunblock for the kiddos
*Implemented the chore chart...again
*Snuggling with Dylan

And notice I've not mentioned cleaning? Probably because I've done a minimal amount of it. It's just been nice though - no stressing, no major cleaning - just relaxing & watching movies. And just so you know - this is not a typical weekend thing. I think we are just basking in our variety of 300+ channels that has us stuck to the tv.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It was a beautiful day....

And it looks like this whole week will be the same. I'm just so happy that we are getting warm temps & the rain has subsided (at least for a while). Today we made a little trip to Branson, seen the dam, took a little nature walk, & then let the kids do go-carts. Dylan just about spazzed out when he found out he was too short for both tracks that we stopped at, until finally the 3rd one he was tall enough. That kid would ride for hours if he could.

Here's just a few of my favorite shots from this weekend. :)

(you've got to click to see this photo close to see the true humor in it - I just love Kalli & Dylan's faces here)

And since I can post it since Round 3 has been announced over at this contest, I can post my submission:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

And it was a quite a happy day. My choice for lunch & then time for me to scrap. Too bad I had to keep Kalli & Dylan from killing each other. I don't know what it is but here lately those two cannot stop fighting!
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