Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let's recap this weekend...

(as I'm totally copying Em's technique of highlighting the weekend):

Friday 5.23.08
*Dead snake in the house - THANK YOU Tigger!
*Late for work & school
*Last day of school
*Digital cable - OH YEAH BABY!
*8GB high speed internet (we're movin' up!)
*Grey's Anatomy
*Evan Almighty - Love Steve Carell
*One of my new favorite scrapbookers

Saturday 5.24.08
*Scrapping (nothing real impressive)
*Homemade sub sandwiches - these are SO much better than Subway's
*Mission Impossible 3
*2 hr nap!! (see one post up)
*OT work
*Dirty Dancing
*Message in a Bottle - and it still makes me cry!
*Neighbor kids moving - Kalli & Dylan sad :(
*Cheap pizza from Walmart
*Dirty kids
*Jerry wishing I was more organized
*Me wishing we had more room
*Garden Salsa Sunchips
*This chica...just look at this amazing scrappy display

Sunday 5.25.08
*Walk in the a.m.
*Indy Car race
*Work stuff
*Taco Salad
*Nascar race....ughh - so getting tired of this.
*Round 4 @ The Gauntlet
*Sunblock for the kiddos
*Implemented the chore chart...again
*Snuggling with Dylan

And notice I've not mentioned cleaning? Probably because I've done a minimal amount of it. It's just been nice though - no stressing, no major cleaning - just relaxing & watching movies. And just so you know - this is not a typical weekend thing. I think we are just basking in our variety of 300+ channels that has us stuck to the tv.


em said...

It sounds like a great weekend, :) Love your layouts! I didn't clean one bit either... ;)

danilouwho said...

love the recap - such a great idea!

Conibaer said...

Love to read this blogentry! Sounds like a great relaxing weekend!
Your LOs are stunning again!

Heather said...

Wow thanks for the encouragement and kind compliments! I am a HUGE fan of your LOs also! I feel even more honored that you like mine, you are inspirational!

Michelle said...

awesome idea on the recap - love your layouts and LOVE the McDreamy pic - thanks for posting that!

Erin Bigler said...

Hi, Kate! Just wanted to say WELCOME to the Clear Dollar dt team (don't have your e-mail addy yet, so will say it here!). LOVE your los and look forward to all the inspiration they'll bring! Again...welcome!

Jennifer Ofiana said...

Love the recaps idea! I am eating Garden Salsa sunchips right now! LOL! COngrats on joining the Clear Dollar Stamps DT... looking forward to working together! Your pages are amazing.

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