Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 20, 2008

Three little girls made their special journey up to heaven - Cristel, Gracy & Gabrielle Miess. You will forever be in our hearts. And as much as it hurts, I know God must have a special plan for you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This kid cracks me up....

Last night I was messing around in the bathroom & hear this yell "MOOOOMMMM! Dylan knocked out his tooth!" I meet the kids, Dylan's mouth dripping blood but him happy as a lark & Kalli cracking up laughing. Apparently they were goofing around with the video rocker chair & Dylan some how fell & knocked his front tooth out - which wasn't even barely loose!

So the rest of the night I get to see his tooth. Every chance he gets, he has to show me. I'm tucking him into bed last night & he is getting his tooth situated under his pillow & once again says "Mom, you wanna see my tooth?". "No, Dylan I've already seen your tooth a hundred times tonight." Then I hear, "Well you better get a good look because it'll be gone in the morning!"

And he was right! That tooth fairy snatched it right up!

Oh & of course, guess what next week is? School pictures!

Gotta love 'em!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

So much I haven't wrote about....

but it just takes so long to type it all out. :)

First of all - I am planning a vacation. A vacation with my bestest buddy, Tiffany, to ride a cruise ship! We're leaving August 31st & will be traveling to Jamaica, Cozumel, & Grand Cayman! How cool is that? Now to just get to that weight I want & a tan. I'm so so excited for that!

Then comes a little scary stuff. Last week I came down with the nasty influenza bug. So miserable but thankfully none of the rest of the family is showing any symptoms. I'm just keeping my fingers & toes crossed that they don't get it. Anyways, as I start feeling a little better from the flu, I noticed a very sore lump in my breast. I really feel like it's my lymph node just going haywire but to be safe I'm getting it checked out in a couple weeks. I'm really kind of nervous about it because although I'm really keeping positive that it's just my body being out of whack, I am super scared of getting a mammogram. Really NOT looking forward to that.

So on to this week. This week will be a short one because Kalli has a follow-up doctor visit on her arm & then Friday I am going to the circus with Dylan. I seriously think I was a bit loopy from being sick when I agreed. I can't stand the circus let alone going with a whole 2nd grade class. I made Dylan happy though so I guess that's all that matters. And I'll try to avoid that puke taste when we get in there & sit through an hour of the circus & all it's stinkiness!

And although my mojo has been gone for quite some time, I finally got some back! Woo hoo! I'm working on a calendar & have 4 pages done! That's progress!

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