Sunday, October 05, 2008


So much I'd love to get my hands on & do...seems like no time to do it...the weekend flies by...the week goes so slow...and my vacation is a near 2 weeks away. And I've not even planned out my packing. I did, however, make some fun purchases today for my trip. I've been wanting to get a big purse so that I can pack as much possible in it for the plane ride.

And I got away with two! Aren't they pretty? And the best part is they were 50% off!

This weekend was a bit chaotic (or pyscho-otic as Dylan would say). Friday I did some running around for work & delivered 48 pizzas. Thankfully the pizza smell has finally gotten out of my car. Then Friday evening we went & picked up Chris. Saturday Tiffany called & wanted to see if I'd keep Lexi & Riley. So rather than try to entertain 5 kids in our cramped up apartment, we loaded up, tried to garage sale, & then went to Pumpkin Daze. And dumbo me ran off without my camera. We did, however, get some good firefighter pictures of Chris & Dylan with our cell phones, so once he emails them, I'll have to post them. The kids jumped in the moon bounce, painted mini pumpkins, got their faces painted & we even did the whole McDonald's play place thing. Then came home & went to the park 2 times. Needless to say we were exhausted.

And just because this is about the most creative thing I've done all weekend, here's my table arrangement. It needs something but I'm not quite sure what yet. I've turned into a blog hopper on all these home decor blogs and cannot get enough of all these ideas everyone is coming up with (if I could only get my stuff to look as good as their's!). And here's the site where I got the idea from: Joys of Home (which has to be the best home decor/creative blog I've found!).

Oh & here's my garage sale find from a couple weeks ago. I know most will think I am nuts but this is stuff I love to Jerry says "more junk for the house".

And now it's 11:00 on Sunday & I so need to get to bed but am really liking this quiet time (except for that freaky noise the refrigerator is making right now). Guess I'll call it a night though.


Anonymous said...

LOVE those purses!

Laura said...

Love the purses, where did you find the animal print one? Great centerpiece for the table too!

Laura said...

Thanks, Kate! I got a new purse also, not like the one in your picture, but super cute. I hadn't been in that store in a while. Thanks fort he idea!

Conibaer said...

Those purses are great! And I like the halloween-deko!

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