Thursday, August 14, 2008


we thought the loose tooth was a big deal......look what happened today.....

Dylan broke his wrist. What they say is a buckle break. Was really hoping Dylan would shy away from the whole broken limb thing after all the trouble we've had with Kalli. Not even 3 years & this is now our 3rd break (1st for Dylan).

Jerry had the kids at the new playground park today & Dylan was playing on the glide bars (about 5 ft in the air & they hold on & they glide along the top bars holding those) & falls off & lands on his arm. They all came to show me at work & really I had my doubts about it.

We ended up driving to the ER about an hr away, seen that would have been an all night event, & went to the Pediatric Urgent Care just down the road (after I found out they had x-ray equipment). We get in there & the same kid that was crying all the way there was moving his wrist & pushing himself onto the table. I was a mean mom & really thought it was an act. Turns out we were wrong.

Good thing is we're established we a good orthopedic doctor (from all Kalli's breaks) & he is going to see Dylan tomorow to put a cast on him. Believe me, I thought it was bad having to deal with a cast with Kalli - Dylan will be a whole 'nother story! Dread, dread, dread baths, etc.

So that was my big long post and our super long day. So besides us getting to school shop tomorrow, we get to go get a cool blue cast. Oh & school starts Monday & that was his right hand - the one he writes with.

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Laura said...

My brother, sister and i all broke our arm in one year's time! My mom was beside herself.

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