Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why do vacations seem so short??

Man I am really depressed that I have to go to work tomorrow. It's been nice having the last 5 days off.

Here's a little breakdown of these last 5 days:

-Picked up Jerry's car & it was only a $250 fix. Whooo hooo!
-Home phone hook-up & our own fax
-My yearly doctor visit. Wow. Yeah so exciting there too.
-Fender bender at the outlet mall & totally NOT my fault!
-Celebration City fun

-Republic Aquatic Center

-Scrapbooking with new Clear Dollar Stamps (but can't post those just yet!)
-Mt. Vernon pool
-Zip dry....and no, I don't like the smell!
-Bind-it-all and happy mail
-Roaring River
-More heat & sweat
-Slippin' water slide

-Fun challenges at Scraplove's Summer of Scraplovin'
-Pet Vet test with Dylan
-College Road Trip movie
-Laundry & dishes. Blah!
-Dylan's new bike
-Tan lines & white butt comparisons (the kids of course!)


Laurie Wilson said...

Looks like a fun vacation! Except for a fender bender...
You always take beautiful pictures for your scrap pages!

MichelleStrachan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MichelleStrachan said...

Oops. Made a mistake on my last post. Anyway, Kate, you have some great photos here! See you over at ScrapLove!

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