Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I can NOT believe this....

Well today I wake up to Kalli Brooke climbing in bed with me BURNING HOT! She felt miserable & was clearly running a high high temp - so I stayed home with her. She ran her fever off and on all day & then I started stressing. Jerry mentioned the tick she had found on herself on Sunday. We had gotten it off but just the coincedence of having a tick & then now this fever, it really got me scared. I called the doctor's office and they wanted to see her.

They check her out and see that her tonsils are swollen. Then she gets the strep swab. Ewww! Hate those. Comes back - no strep but they are sending out the culture just to be sure.

Our suspicion was right - the dang tick. She has tick fever, otherwise known as Ehrlichiosis, which, as we were told - is pretty common. Still worries me though because it can enlarge your liver and cause other problems if the antiobiotic doesn't get rid of it quick. Hopefully it clears her up quick because I hate seeing her this miserable.

Poor girl. I really wish she'd quit having crud happen to her. :(

This morning while she was napping, I did a layout for the All About Eve Challenge this week. Not real happy but I'm happy to get something done. :)


em said...

Oh no!!! Poor Kalli. :( Hope she gets better soon! And the layout is CUTE!

All About Eve said...

oh i hope that she feels better soon!

love the LO...what a great idea to do a "to do" list. i think i'm going to do one myself!

Tracy said...

Poor thing. I hope she is feeling better. Great layout, I really like it.

Suzy said...

Poor Kalli! Hope she is feeling better!!!

Your LO ROCKS!!!

Denise Hughes said...

Hope she is better real soon.

The LO is very very cute!!! I love looking at your work!

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