Sunday, November 20, 2005

Week from HELL...

This seriously has been a week from hell for me & my family. Tuesday I had to take Dylan to the ER to get his eye glued back together. Well Friday topped that off. I had just went over to see Dylan's Thanksgiving Feast & had went back to work when I get a call from the school saying Kalli had hurt her arm & I might want to come. I run over to find her in a wrap, crying because her left arm was killing her. She had a sweatshirt so they hadn't even really looked at her & pretty much assumed she was wanting to make out for an early weekend (even though Kalli is the most studious 1st grader I know). As I found out the whole story later, Kalli had been in gym & running when another little girl shoved her down, landing on her left elbow.

Well I go ahead & run her to the ER in town. Doesn't take long & we're in the back & they have to take off her sweatshirt. They gently remove it to the most horrible looking thing I'd ever seen {Kalli's arm clearly broken}. I could seriously see her arm deformed with the lower half of her forearm completely limp. My baby even opted to get a shot (in her butt for that fact) just to help her with the pain. After that I had to see my poor baby go through excrutiating pain when they stretched her arm for the x-ray. From the x-ray she had a broken ulna & a dislocated elbow. I'm telling you - this girl is brave. Anytime anyone would ask her how she was - she'd say "Good".

Well the ER doctor looks at the x-rays & decides that it's something he doesn't feel comfortable resetting & that she should be seen by a pediatric orthepedic surgeon. So he sends us up to a major hospital about 45 min away with x-rays in hand. We walk in that ER for them to call her by name & take her straight in. They told us that they would put her out but they were 95% sure they'd have to do surgery - that setting wouldn't fix it. So within this short amount of time, I find out not only will they have to put her out but also reset her elbow & open her arm to fix it & put in a plate with screws. An hour and 20 min later (which seemed like eternity because surgery was only suppose to take an hour), the doctor came out to let me know how it went. THANK GOD - EVERYTHING WENT GREAT. He said the break (called a Monteggia fracture) was very uncommon - rare for adults & even rarer in children. They put her in a split cast & after 40 more nail-bitting min, I finally got to see her. We spent all night Friday night in the hospital & finally got to leave around 1 pm yesterday.

I've got a release for Kalli & me for school/work for us through Thanksgiving break so at least I can be home with her. Tomorrow I make the follow-up appt when they'll remove the split cast, check on her stitching & put her in a new cast. Kalli's really taking it well but I just hope & pray everything stays clean & okay with her arm so there is no risk for infection & everything goes well with the plate & screws.

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