Thursday, November 17, 2005

Here's what Dylan looks like a day after his encounter with the evil coffee table...

Poor guy... just looking at his eye turns my stomach. It actually looked worse the day after because of all the bruising and swelling. He seems to be taking it all well though. He told me yesterday that he got to stand up in front of the kids in his class & tell them about his run-in with the coffee table. It was hilarious when I asked if any of them had asked anything or said anything about it & he just replied - "they went like this -- (with his mouth gapping open)". Apparently they were in shock.

Well I came to the realization today that we probably won't be having family pictures as I was really hoping we would. {believe it or not - we own NO professionally-taken family pictures, which is really, really sad}. I figure even if his eye heals super quick, that'll be around the time Kalli loses her bottom two front teeth. She's been working really hard to get them worked loose but they won't fall out until we get ready for the family pics - I just know it - that's how things {always} happen.

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