Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Here's our very exciting Tuesday night...

Well last night we came home as usual & started to kick off our shoes & relax. Dylan decided that he wanted to do a little jig while taking off his shoes & fell right into the coffee table where he hit his right eye. {OUCH!!!} He hit it below his eye brow but not quite to his eyelid. It immediately was bleeding and scared me to death but by the looks of it, I couldn't tell if it was something they'd be able to fix or if they'd just have me bandage it up. I called Urgent Care for them to tell me that if it was gaping at all - to go immediately to the ER (where later we find ourselves sitting an hour later). We get over to the ER & finally after sitting an hour, Dylan gets seen. They look at the wound, clean it up & then ask - "Would you prefer glue or stitches?" & I opted for the glue. I never knew they could do that sort of thing but I figured it had to be better than watching them stitch my son's eye together. Dylan was being such a brave boy - I was so proud of him! Anyways, they get the glue ready, each the nurse & doctor get on each side of the bed & then squeeze his wound closed on both sides. I was doing fine being the supportive mommy until they did that - then was when I knew I better go sit down or I was going to pass out. Dylan was saying the glue was cold and then all of a sudden it started burning. It was all I could do to listen to my poor baby screaming. We finally left 2 hrs after we had first arrived & finally got to eat dinner. Needless to say, Dylan woke up this morning looking ten times worse than he did the night before. Now his eye is entirely swollen & bruised and pretty much looks as if he were in a fight.

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