Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Man I'm pooped...

I am so worn out. I just wish I had all my work stuff caught up so I wouldn't have to work on it every night. Heck - tonight alone I've put in 3 hrs of overtime. Definitely NOT my idea of a relaxing evening. Oh well though, maybe if I bust my butt now, I'll not have to do much over our 2 week off holiday. I absolutely CANNOT WAIT! Hmmm, let's see -- 2 more curriculas to put in, a ton more maps, & oh yeah those darn pilot tests. Good thing is after all this working tonight, I think I'm actually beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel so maybe that'll kick me even more into gear to get stuff done. What's bad is I still don't have all of Christmas taken care of. Actually I don't have much at all done. I've got..hmm.. let's see - Jerry's whole family, Tom, Jess, Jim, Dad & Marsha, & Lexie & Riley to do. Good gawd - so much for seeing that light at the end of that tunnel - I'm winding up in another tunnel.

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