Monday, September 28, 2009

Thrifty Treasures

Although they aren’t real exciting to look at now, here’s a few of my weekend steals. I got a little impatient and had to put my chalkboard paint to use but now I need to do a little more to the doors.

1) Cabinet doors - $1 each (and they are having the sale next weekend so guess who will be there to swipe up some more?!)

IMG_6717 IMG_6715 IMG_6716

2) Wood drawers - $2 each. My plans for these were for my unorganized son to keep his legos and cars picked up and have easy access to them by just sliding them in/out from under his bed. He would rather build on them though.

IMG_6719 IMG_6718

3) Candleholder w/lid - $7.50 from Hobby Lobby – Original price was $24.99!


And don’t forget to check out everyone’s treasures over @ the Southern Hospitality linky party.


Cutie Patootie said...

Love the candle holder! The closest Hobby Lobby is about 3 hours away from our town, so I don't find too many Hob Lob cast offs at yard sales. I visit there whenever possible though. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


Maria & Michelle said...

I love the drawer idea! I could use a simple way for my daughter to use the space underneath her bed while keeping the clutter out of her room. Thanks for saying hello on our blog!

Michelle @ FTSN

Suzy said...

What awesome finds! I need to get a cabinet door and make a bulletin board and that drawer idea is so awesome, I will be watching for something like that to!

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