Friday, September 18, 2009

Not so fun week...

Well it started out okay....we went for Bingo on Sunday and I actually ended up winning a game. We didn't come home with much but it was fun to get away and get to win a little money (which never seems to happen when we go to the casino).

But then I starting getting sick. It started with a sore throat Sunday night and by Tuesday, I was so stopped up I couldn't hear much less breath from my nose. I had meetings all day in Ozark so I toughened up and went. By the end of the day, I was absolutely miserable. By time I got home, I was chilling, my body ached and I had a fever. I had called the doctor's office but with no help from the nurse, I decided I'd let it go overnight & go to the doctor Wednesday if I still didn't feel any relief. Wednesday came and I still felt horrible, so I didn't go to work and went to see the doc.

After hearing my symptoms, she was sure it was one of two things - strep throat or the flu - most likely the swine (H1N1) flu. The strep test came back negative so her diagnosis was for the swine flu (although she didn't test for the flu because the results weren't always reliable). Apparently it's better than the regular seasonal flu for people who are in my age range and are otherwise healthy. Still totally freaked me out. I was told to stay in until after Saturday - no work, walmart, out to eat, not anywhere until I wasn't contagious anymore.

Now it's Friday and I have to say I'm quite a bit better than I was Tuesday/Wednesday but still am not 100%. My throat isn't really scratchy but feels like something's lodged in there that I can't quite cough up. My back is still sore and I still have these coughing fits that are about to drive me nuts. I'm just praying that my kids don't get this. Hopefully my obsessive germ-x, soap, and disinfecting spray kills anything still lurking in this house.

So, rather than doing something fun this weekend, I'll probably be cooped in here - hopefully feeling much better before Monday. :(

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bethany said...

i hope you get to feeling better quickly Kate!! Thats awful!! {{hug]]

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