Saturday, October 03, 2009

New stuff…..

My old phone finally bit the dust (after going one day without it – isn’t it crazy how you go so long without one but then when you have it, you can’t be without it for a day?) so Tuesday we went to check out the Alltel store.

Here’s my new little gadget:


She’s going to take getting used to….I’ve got to get down the touch screen thing. I’m now a email checkin’, internet surfin’, music playing girl…..all from the comfort of little my little Delve.

This weekend we made the haul to Republic and Ozark as they were both having their fall festivals. The weather cooperated perfectly and it was just cool enough to be comfortable walking around with 5 billion other people (okay maybe not that many). I seen lots of cute ideas and things I want to try but it wasn’t until we were leaving Ozark that I thought it would have been nice to take some photos with my new phone of some of the things….DOH! Oh well, maybe I’ll remember next time.

My find of the day was a jumbo fork and spoon set. I’ve seen these around blogland for a while and always thought they were cute. So after a little bit of paint, I’m transforming these babies into something cute that will go in the kitchen.

Here’s the goofy girls – Kalli & Tallie – sporting Halloween masks at Walmart.


And Dylan had to get in on the fun too….


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