Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SingStar Girls

The kids are loving that the playstation is actually working. We thought it was broken but if they can set it just right – it works. It’s almost as good as having a new toy again. Dylan’s itching to get on it but right now the girls have taken over and it’s SingStar time. We may be goofy but our family loves these games. We’ve got almost all of them and they don’t ever get tired of them. It’s just too bad that nobody can beat mom! :) LOL


Not much of anything else happening. Last week we had some really cool temps but this week has been wonderful. I could live with these 65-70 temps any day. Sad news though is that a cold front his headed back in.

One more day this week – thank goodness for Parent/Teacher conferences (which both turned out really well) because that means we have Friday off. Kalli already has plans for the day so maybe me & Dylan can have a little mom/son time.

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