Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A whole lot of ice....

Is what we got Monday & Tuesday. Like probably around an inch total accumulation. Nasty, scary, slippery stuff. Luckily we cozied it up at the house & didn't even attempt to get out until late Tuesday. Today we started the thaw. The sun came out for a while & melted away a lot - enough to get the kids back in school for one more day (which happens to be party day) before their February break.

Here's just a couple fun shots here at the house:

Bad thing about being cooped up though - is now we have 2 sick. Jerry found out today he has pneumonia (along with his laryngitis) & Kalli has bronchitis. Me & Dylan are threatening to take off to some where warm so we don't get any of the nasty sick stuff.

And a little bit of scrapbooking:


Conibaer said...

Love your new LOs! Ypur family-pics are always gorgeous!

delder21 said...

Your LOs are so awesome! So is your cool playlist! :)
I love the pics of the kids w/ Hot chocolate! (You need to post those on the "Feb photo inspiration" thread at SL! :)

Suzy said...

Hope the family gets better really quick and you and Dylan don't get it!

Great LO' ROCK girl!

delder21 said...

Kate---you've been tagged ;)
Check out my blog!

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