Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crappy weekend for teeth...But not so bad for scrapping.

Yeah, teeth - that's right. Actually tooth the be exact - the very front one. Here I am sitting here munching away with my chips & Twizzlers & I feel something stuck to my tooth. I can't rub it off with my tongue so I go to the bathroom to inspect. Low and behold I've chipped my front tooth. So not cool. So totally ruining my weekend - no more smiles, no more going anywhere in public. And I've actually did that. Until tomorrow when I have to go to work, get an appointment & then show everyone when I explain the appt. So so not cool. I wore braces way too long to screw up my teeth now. Urrrgghhhh! So now I have vowed not to eat Twizzlers for a very long time (if ever again)!

Since I did keep myself pretty isolated, I dug out all my scrap stuff & started inking up my fingers. :)

Now I just need to clean up my huge mess. Figure out lunches/clothes for tomorrow. Get Dylan to finally fall asleep. Finish typing the letter to the apartment people. Figure out bank stuff. Put the clothes in the dryer. And then maybe - go to bed.


delder21 said...

I LOVE both of those LOs!! They are so cool! And those signs are great! I am SO impressed you found time for scrapping with all the trafic on the site...I'm just getting more and more behind! (But it's fun!)

Michelle said...

I looooe those signs for the kids names...I want to do something like that for my are soooo creative!

Conibaer said...

I love everything you did! Great job!!!
Take care! (((hugs)))

Melanie said...

OMGosh, I am so sorry about your tooth. Did you ever say anything on SL about that? Did it get fixed?

I do totally love what you did creatively as you were hiding from the public.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the signs!!!

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