Thursday, December 31, 2009

Whew….what a year!

Here’s just a few highlights from 2009!

*Kalli’s 10th birthday
*Lots of ice and snow….and several school cancellations
*One of the sweetest little boys….James Matthew 2.13.09Baby  
*Lexi & Riley sleepovers
*Rock Band jam sessions
*Fishing trips
*Free Biloxi trip

*Dylan’s 9th birthday
Photos 456
*Lots of swimming and fishing
*Snake wrangling
Photos 540
*Lots of goofinessIMG_6162
*More swimming and fishing
*Several float trips
*Stock car races
*Mini Tulsa trip & overnight in Joplin
(Aren’t these girls adorable?!)
*Silver Dollar City
*Jolly Mill pictures
IMG_6471 Family IMG_6412
*Lots of basketball…..look at this girl’s determination!IMG_6703
*Lots of computer time
*Field trips
*Lego building (Dylan)
*Harry Potter reading (Kalli)
*Scrapbooking (Kate)
*Purchased LAND!
*Fall photos
*Polycystic ovarian syndrome
*Jerry’s shoulder injury
*Jerry’s knife through the hand injury 11.16.09
*My appendix removal 11.17.09
*Thanksgiving with the family
*Kalli’s basketball team takes 3rd in Pierce City Tournament 12.12.09
*Last day of work for the year 12.18.09
*Dylan stays the night with David & Betty
*Kalli attends several Christmas and birthday parties

And as much cruddy stuff has happened here at the end of the year, it’s so nice to look at all the great times we’ve had! And be thankful for NO BROKEN BONES!

Here’s to an even better 2010! And the motto for next year?


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