Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is it really only 6 days until Christmas???

I cannot believe this Christmas has snuck up so quick on me this year. I barely have anything bought and I’m not sure what to buy even when I go.

I am glad we’ve not gotten all the snow that Virginia and the Carolinas are getting right now – that sounds COLD! The temps are staying pretty cold here but *thankfully* we’ve not gotten ice or a huge accumulation of snow.

The kids are hyped up about Christmas. It’s crazy how kids grow up. Kalli is now my child asking for clothes and music. Dylan on the other hand – is all about video games, legos, & Knex. Hopefully Santa can find them something they’ll love. :)

And now on to our Christmas decorating…..

IMG_7085 IMG_7073 IMG_7098

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