Sunday, April 26, 2009

Biloxi, MS

Here's my late posting of our trip to Biloxi. We had a wonderful time. The weather was awesome. It was a wonderful little break from our everday life.

Here's some shots from the trip:

The shots with the brick background were on our excursion out to Ship Island which is where the Fort of Massachusettes was located. It was a little cool taking the 12 mile trip out on boat (it took a little over an hour) but we warmed up a lot coming back & even managed to get a little sun burnt.

We were amazed at the beautiful homes that had been rebuilt after Katrina. Purely amazing! It was just odd to see such beautiful homes & then see empty lots from where the hurricane wiped away whatever was there before.

Since then, we've once again be pulled into the everyday routine. Yesterday we made a trip to Bolivar for their city wide garage sales. I didn't end up with a lot of things but did get a good deal on some hanging candle displays (now to just find a good place to put them), a couple white glass vases, & a summer outfit for Kalli.

Today we went and visited Betty & David and went to their church's Friends & Family Day. It was nice to go visit and we hope to do that a lot more this summer. And now for tonight - I'm thinking we may prep the backyard for a weiner/marshmallow roast to get a little more fun out of this weekend. :)

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