Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where have I been???

And why haven't I blogged?? Good question!

On February 13th, we were introduced to this sweet little guy. James Matthew, Jr. weighing in at a whooping 6.5 lbs & 21.5 in long.

Look at all that red hair!

Little frog legs!

Makes me miss those days - you know the ones back when your kids were sweet little angels & didn't talk back, or trash their rooms, or drive you absolutely bonkers!

Also, here lately I've been on a painting kick. I was able to turn the kitchen into something I love....but seems my oops paint for the entry/living area is looking a little too adobe for me. I wanted more of a khaki but it's got a different - almost pinkish tint - not something I care to leave that color. I just hope my other 3 cans of paint, work out better (hit the jackpot on the oops paint!).

Before kitchen:

After kitchen:

Oh, and I am getting a bit excited for this:

Our free trip to Biloxi in April!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

FREE TRIP???? can we come?? ;-) I love love love that eat sign in your kitchen...where did you find that?

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