Monday, April 07, 2008

A whole lot of nothing....

is what I've been up to so that's the reason behind my lack of blogging. I think things have just become such a routine, we'd not really taken time for much of anything besides the work/school, dinner, homework, bedtime rotation. Same thing, different day. Plus it doesn't really help that it is just so dang expensive to even go drive somewhere to go do something. I paid $3.12 a gallon the other day - which is absolutely ridiculous! Heck I can remember seeing gas for .99 a gallon!!! Ohhh those were the days!

Despite the outrageous gas prices, Jerry wanted to take a little drive yesterday. It was nice to get out of the house & do something different. Plus I got a few good shoots of Jerry & the kids.

And I did a little scrapping too. Not as much as I would have liked but hey - it's something. And something is better than nothing.


Suzy said...

It is so nice to get out sometimes. Glad you had a good time!

Keep the creative mojo flowing. Your work is great as usual! You inspire me!

Melanie said...

Love the pic of that bridge.

I'm right there with you...too expensive to go anywhere.

Melanie said...

I love your banner.

Conibaer said...

I´m glad you had a great time going out! Great pics!
BTW: I gave you an awrd on my blog! :o)

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