Monday, April 21, 2008

A very tiring weekend for mom...

but it was the "best weekend EVER" for Dylan. My baby turned 8 on Friday so we celebrated by letting him invite boys over for a slumber party & then skating the next day. Six invitations went out with the assumption that not all would come but we ended up having 5 additional boys at our house! Talk about noisey & rowdy! They stayed pretty amused playing Wii, legos, & air hockey - I just had to settle them down a few times. Funny thing was- Kalli got along really well too. I had thought she would retreat to her room while they were there but she ended up playing right along with them. Lexi & Riley even came over for a while too. But as much fun as Dylan had, I assured him 5 boys at one time was a one & only time thing. :)

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And my very exhausted "big" 8 year old:

Here's a little funny from the weekend before when Lexi & Riley spent the night.

And a little bit of scrappiness (done on Saturday after all the company left!).
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Greta Adams said...

thanks for visiting my little ole blog-a-roo...

i have to say you are better than me cause i would have had a massive heart attack and died ... i hate having birthday's at my house for a few hours much less a sleep over...HOLY SMOKES.....{bowing down to ya}

Greta Adams said...

oh yeah i got carried away and forgot to say your scrapping is great chick!! love it!!

Deacon Pat said...

You have a beautiful a family, God's continued blessing to you....

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