Monday, October 22, 2007

Kalli & Dylan got their flu shots on Friday. Dylan was surprisingly brave & wanted to be the first to be shot. He's getting to be such a tough guy. I got to questioning a 2:00 appointment though after thinking about Kalli's game at 5:30 but it all worked out fine & her arm didn't bother her at all. She had her game face on because she had a whole clan of fans. Mom, Jess & Larry were there. Tiffany & the twins were there. Dad & Marsha was there. Plus then Dylan, Jerry, & me. That girl played her heart out. She stole the ball several times & worked the ball all the way down the court a few times. I was just so proud of her & the whole team. They really did their thing & worked together & pulled out 16 to 2! Great game! I just don't know how I'll be able to handle these when she gets older. I'm already on my toes hollering. She's really gonna love that when she's older.

Kalli & I got into the Halloween spirit too and had to do our nails. Candy corn style! Didn't quite turn out as cute as I'd imagined but still cute nonetheless.

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And here's a little scrappy creation from today.


Denise Hughes said...

Sorry to hear about your brother...all you can do is pray for him! Love the nails...they look good!
I got tagged, so I tagged you on my blog :0)

{b r a n d i} said...

I think your candy corn nails turned out GREAT!!

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