Sunday, January 21, 2007

You've got to see this....

This is our first MAJOR ice storm of the year.

And as you can probably guess, we've had some major power issues. We first lost power for a few hours on Friday and then Sunday it went out completely until Thursday evening. Jerry decided to brave the cold & stake it out in the apartment but me & the kids didn't want anything to do with a cold, boring apartment especially since school/work was cancelled for most of the week. We took up Uncle John's offer to stay at The Cabins in Branson (where he works) & just stay warm there. The cabin was awesome so I had to take pictures of our mini vacation.

Anyways, there's a busy week ahead for us. Tomorrow Jerry has the board meeting to go to so he can see if he got the school's mowing bid. From the way things have transpired, I really doubt he'll get it but we'll still keep our fingers crossed though. Also, this week I'm going to find out if I will be moving over to the Accounts Payable position. I love my job but the salary increase would really help us out. I'm hoping we can check into several houses this week too. Our realtor is due back in the office next week & I'd like to be able to make an offer on something. Plus we'll get back into the swing of school & basketball practice too after being cooped up for a week - the kids NEED to get rid of some of that pinned up energy.


Suzy said...

Beautiful frozen trees, sorry about the power but it definitely paid off with that gorgeous cabin. Good Luck on the house hunt!

Denise Hughes said...

Sorry to hear you lost power...but it does not look like all was bad staying in Branson. We were lucky and only lost power a couple of hours on Friday!

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