Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2007! Not too much exciting happening this year yet (thank goodness) but I have been able to get a little scrapping done. I'm hoping I can get a lot of that done this year. The kids have had a fun day of video gaming so we've had a pretty lazy day. Tomorrow that changes though - I start back to work after my 2 week vacation. Talk about sucky!! :) Yeah I REALLY don't want to go in but I guess I have too. The kids aren't going to like getting up at 6 am again (neither will I). We were really liking sleeping in until 9 or later. Oh well - back into the swing of things I guess. Oh & today I got some really cute pictures of the kids & me.

Hmmm... oh yeah! I almost forgot! We looked at houses the other day & we found a couple that we really liked. Now we just need to look into financing & see what payments would be. They both are ones we'd need to do a little work on but they were both really good sized (even room for a scrapbook room!!!). I just hope & pray we can figure things out if this is what is right for us. I don't like the thought of jumping into something but I really don't know how much longer we can stand it in this apartment. I think it's beginning to wear on all of us. Anyways, I'm keeping my fingers crossed & pray that we find/get in our home soon!


em said...

Your little album is soo cute! As are you and your kids!

daizie said...

Love that pic of you and Dylan! So cute! And the 2006 LO looks really cool! Do you have that posted at SL? I'm gonna hafta go see so I can see it bigger :)

Holly Lane said...

LOVE your album and layout!
Great photos also!!
Good luck on getting a house, its lots of work but always worth it in the end :)

Denise Hughes said...

Good luck with house hunting. I will keep you in my prayers! Thanks for your support with MC. I was really hoping to see you make it with me...I love your LOs! Keep putting them rock girl!!! Don't work too hard tomorrow!

.jess. said...

hope your having a good new year!!!! good luck w/ house hunting!!!! i'll be doing that later this year too!!! exciting!

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