Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm actually doing it...

I'm having Lasik done on my eyes- TOMORROW! I've been saying forever that I've wanted it, just didn't think I was ever able to have it done. I'd been told before that my cornea was too thin & I just wouldn't be able to have it. After getting all sorts of measurements taken at my appointment on Wednesday, I was told that they weren't sure about me being a candidate for Lasik (that they would have to put my numbers into the laser machine) but I for sure could do the PRK. They said PRK was more painful and took longer to recover but that they both would achieve the same results. But good news was - they called me back & I can have Lasik done.

It will be amazing after all these years to be able to wake up & SEE CLEARLY! I'm excited but nervous at the same time. {Guess that's the hypocondriac in me} What really hit me hard on how bad my eyesight is was when I kept hearing the phrase "You are SO nearsighted" and also when they told me my eyeglass prescription was 20/60 (old old glasses that I knew were not the right strength). The doctor then mentioned that you couldn't pass a driving test without eyes at 20/40 - so that was a real wake-up. I shouldn't even be driving with these ugly things.

Anyways after sitting & sitting & sitting & thinking about when to have it done - I opted for Friday. For 1) I had to leave contacts out for 3 days prior (they've now been out 6 days) so why mess up another week of wearing these ugly, embarassing glasses, & 2) I didn't want to mess up Thanksgiving weekend, & plus 3) I won't have to miss hardly any time of work. A half day for the surgery & then whatever follow-up appointments.

I'm just so happy. I can't even believe that tomorrow I will be able to see better. This is going to be so awesome to be able to wake up & see. Not have to fumble around for glasses or stick contacts in.

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