Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I can SEE!!!

I can see, I can see, I can SEE! I'm not quite 20/20 but I can see to drive, wake up in the night & can read the alarm, & I can see in the shower. It is so so awesome to be able to see! I look a little weird (my eyes have big red spots on them) because the surgery bruised my eyes but WHO CARES? I can see! :) I just hope it gets better & better. Right now the only thing that has been hard is trying to read a computer screen at work all day. Something about the contrast in letters & white space just makes it a little hard to focus.

Today we started a new chore program at our house. I was really surprised at how excited Kalli & Dylan are but I'm not complaining. I gave them each a chore chart & let them try to earn stars throughout the week. The exciting part? - if they have 40 stars at the end of the week they get $2. Whooo Hoo! They are so excited. I think both of them had at least 10 stars tonight. I just hope they keep it up. Dylan was my main reason for doing it because he has a real hard time remembering to do homework & clean up his room. Now he has incentive for it. :)

I'm about ready to hit the bed but I wanted to post my latest creation for the Design Team contest at ScrapLove. The challenge this week involved using a CD cover for inspiration. As I couldn't find any of mine that I wanted to attempt to create, I went on a search & found a CD to use. It's a really simple layout but I was amazed that I forced myself to fit 6 pictures onto one page. Anyways, here's how it turned out:

I may be kicked off this week but Hey - I tried & I've actually gotten a lot of scrapbooking done. :)


daizie said...

Your LO is beautiful! Great job getting that many pics on one page!

.jess. said...

love your LO girl! GL in this round! :) and can see!!! thats awesome!!!!! {this deserves a LO!!!!}

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