Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hmmm.. What's up now?

See I've fallen behind on my blogging. I really forget about doing it. I need to like plan on making a post at least weekly but we'll see how that goes.

I forgot to post about Dylan's spots {now that was nice & stressful}. The week before Christmas Dylan broke out with this rash like thing with blistery bumps wherever he would scratch. I was totally freaked out & ended up calling Urgent Care. The nurse had figured he had a mild case of chicken pox (although he had the shot). Well then like 2 days later, Kalli gets this red rash all over her back & has a super sore throat. We go to the doctor & find out Dylan probably had an allergic reaction to something but Kalli had strep throat & scarlet fever. Ugghh! That stunk because like two days later, I got strep throat & ended up in Urgent Care so I could get something so I could actually swallow. Jerry thought he got it too but didn't find out until after it cleared up on it's own, that in fact, his was strep too. Thankfully Dylan never got it!

Kalli's had a blast on her birthday (actually the day after - a Saturday). We took her to Springfield's Incredible Pizza and let her chow down & play all sorts of games. Plus she got to see Grandma in Branson, Grandma, Tommy, Jessie, & Grandpee - so that made her birthday even better too.

Well since I forgot to post about it, I'll post it now: Kalli got the okay to return to her regular activities on January 25. The first thing out of her mouth? "YES! Monkeybars!" Not exactly the kind of thing a mom wants to hear after this whole ordeal. She kept telling people that day - "I'm free, I'm free" so apparently she's pretty pleased that she can be a regular kid again. Her scar is definitely noticeable and huge (compared to the size of her small arm) but we can live with that as long as she doesn't have problems with her arm. Dr. Aston said what happens now is her bone just starts growing up around the plate & screws {kinda gross to think of that} and that nothing will need to be removed unless it becomes really irritating and itchy {which I hope & pray to God that it doesn't!}. We'll just have to do some explainin' whenever we go to the airport because she'll set off the metal detectors.

Not much else happening. We've had some fun doing taxes and getting money back but really it's just disappointing. Disappointing to know that you get so much back & then it just goes right back to paying the darn bills. Maybe one of these days we'll be debt free though {or at least we can dream of that}.

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