Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I just have to say - Court sucks! Today I appeared for my traffic ticket (which was absolutely NOT right- the officer wrote it for 64 in a 45 but she clocked me in a 60 zone). I felt like a total criminal having to sit there with the prosecutor & plea my case - which by the way - I would not have even done if I'd known it was only going to be $91.50 rather than the $350.00 Jerry had told me & that it wouldn't screw up my insurance since it was my first offense. Ugh! I'm still ticked at him for that. Anyways, the clerk came out to say the officer believed she was wrong in what I was over and said I was only doing 14 over rather than 19. Long story short - he ended up giving me a SIS (Suspended Imposition Sentence) & a year probation. Which means if nothing happens in a year, it's just dropped, but if I do anything criminal in that year, then they can charge me that ticket. I just really hated that whole situation. Here I am terrified with the whole ordeal & then there's all these others who are probably in there every other week. At least it's over with & only $31.50 out of my pocket.

Now on to other things to occupy my mind - it appears my daughter is really turning into a teenager (yeah she's only 5th grade but geesh she is growing up!). I came home yesterday to her decked out in new school gear, her hair flattened & eye shadow on. Then last night she gets texts from 2 boys & a 3rd is wanting her to be his girlfriend. EEEEKKKK!!!! I don't know if I'm ready for all this yet!

Since she was all decked out & feeling pretty - we went out to get some pictures. It's no wonder all the boys love her. :)

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em said...

Love the photos! As a teacher of 5th grade girls...yeah...they are way more "grown up" than I ever was in 5th grade!!

Sorry about the ticket. That sucks.

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