Monday, July 23, 2007

So I really NEED to get organized...

Or at least that's the conclusion that I've came to today. I had a million things to do & didn't even end up getting very much done at all. Errgghhh! I think I'm just a little more sane when I have my lists made out, schedules planned, & things in order. I don't know when I lost it though, I'm thinking probably back after the house fire - that's about when I started letting things go by the fly. I'm not a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of girl so this has hit me hard today. I need to get organized!! Plus, I have the major task of insurance submission that I have to have done by October 15, so that's even more reason why I've got to get a hold of things. I did get a little organizing done today though- made my to do list, finished my layout for the ScrapNCircle contest, & did some super cleaning (the tub is seriously the cleanest I've EVER seen it!). I just wish I had all this determination last week, when vacation first started. Oh well, maybe now I'll get myself on track. :)

Oh & just because I'm super impatient, here's a little peek at the upcoming Funky for Flannigan Challenge @ Scraplove on Friday. :)

Thanks Michele for inspiring me with this idea!!!


.jessica. said...

i know exactly how you feel!!! i need to get my self organized too. cute mini book!!!

TanishaRenee said...

This is too adorable! I love it, please submit it!!!!

Samm said...

That looks soooo cute!!!


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