Friday, May 25, 2007

Whoooaa what a week!

Well I thought this wouldn't happen (or at least not this soon) but it did. Kalli re-broke her left arm. The same arm that she broke back November 2005. The same arm that required surgery & a metal plate & five screws. The same.....exact.......arm. :( Except this time the break wasn't as bad but it did require surgery.

Kalli had basketball camp Wednesday after school. She was working with the coaches learning all these drills & tripped & fell on her left arm. We were on our way to go watch when we got the dreaded call. When we got there I was immediately freaked because her scar from the first time (which is just about the length of her whole forearm) was sunken in & everywhere else was massively swollen. We opted to go to the farther hospital just "in case" something was wrong. Something was wrong. So the plan was either for the doctor to reset it (which he explained was probably not going to happen with the plate in there) or have to open her scar back up, remove all the hardware, & replace it with a pin. She ended up coming out 2 hrs later with the pin in her arm.

I swear, any mother whose had a kid in an operating room, knows that time is torture - it wasn't long or anything, just enough time to seriously stress me out. The bad part was there were 2 other arm fractures Wednesday night & Kalli was the last to be fixed. She was all done at 12:30 the next morning but then spent all day trying to keep her comfortable & trying to keep her from getting sick from the pain killer (couldn't leave the hospital until she could do that). So, instead of leaving at 1:00 like we thought, it ended up being 6:30. The best part about it is Kalli is a super trooper when it comes to being tough. She gets her moments but for the most part, she is tougher than probably most boys.

Oh & to add to all this headache - got to looking at Dylan & he has lice. And Kalli does too. Ewwww!! Yeah I know! So I spent all night last night trying to get their heads washed (which is not easy with a splinted arm) & doing boat loads of laundry. We've treated all our heads & I'm on bug patrol so hopefully we've got them all killed & gone. I cannot stand the thought of them & it just itches me to death just thinking about it.

Now I'm just glad it's the weekend & hopefully we can have a pretty peaceful long holiday break. And NOT break anything else!


Suzy said...

Oh wow Girl! I am glad it all came out ok! {{{{Hugs}}}} to you all!

amyz said...

Oy. Hugs for all of you! And I know the itchy lice feeling. I've never had it but when anyone mentions it I start itching immediately!

themorelands said...

How amazing you are! A mother of two with all of this going on in your life and you still find time to scrapbook--beautifully! You're an inspiration! Hope your daughter has a speedy recovery! You deserve a break!

{monica} said...

Oh my gosh Kate! I can only imagine going through that...glad to hear all is well now.

Tracy said...

OMG! What a time you have had. I am glad that everything came out ok. LOVE your DD's hair, very cute!

daizie said...

poor girl!! lots of hugs & prayers for both of you!

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