Sunday, October 01, 2006

New fall pictures!!

I so love it when it's fall! It is the perfect time to go out and shoot some awesome photos. Today we went over to Tiffany's and let her take some shots. They all turned out really cute but here are some of my favorites. (Oh & if you notice all the Kalli shots - it's because she is a total poser!!)

This one just makes you want to smile. They all look so happy! Lexi & Dylan don't look too thrilled getting another picture but Riley sure is having a good time!

Here's my poser girl! She's quite the cutie though isn't she?

I love this full scenery with both kids! Tiffany really did an awesome job with this set-up.

Here's my handsome young man!!

Kalli once again! :)


Ramona said...

Are those pumpkins real? Esp. in the last photo they look like made of porcellain. So shiny! And your kids are so qute. BTW- I'm a born pumpkin. My maiden name is Kuerbiss, which translates 'pumpkin'.

Kate said...

Yep. They've just got clear coat sprayed on them - makes them shiny & last longer.

ashlee said...

these are awesome pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

saw your blog on scraplove and wanted to comment on your precious pictures!!!! love the setup! good luck in the contest!

em said...

Your photos are wonderful!

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